1 July 2015

Why I like formula 1 racing

Why I like formula 1 racing

The latest formula 1  grand prix I attended was in Montreal Canada. Montreal is my “home race”, because only a 2 hour drive is needed  to get to it. Every time I head to Montreal for the race there seems to be some kind of protest happening because of the presence of Formula 1 . Some blame climate change on the powerful engines , some protest against the objectification of women while others dislike the ostentatious side of F1.  I found myself justifying my love of F1 racing  once again while having diner with some friends. I find myself having to justify my love for too many things these days.Yes ,I love racing and what comes with it,I like violent sports like hockey and football and I also drink red wine and eat red meat on occasion. I obviously don’t remember getting  the memo about theses things being evil. I don’t feel it is always necessary to justify doing certain things as this is  my life and I choose to do what I like living it.But like I did at that diner ,I will express my feelings about what attracts me to travel and attend the formula 1 “circus”.

Many complain about their boring routines and daily grind,well if you want a break from it all ,why don’t you try attending a Formula 1 race week end.I promise you will  at least like one  aspect of it, whether it is the actual travelling to the venue,the fun parties,the drivers,the cars,the celebrity watching or even that  big race on sunday.There is nothing like F1 to get a taste of the extra ordinary,if you want something different, This is it!  Water attracts its own level and Formula 1 attracts those who like the best things in life. I have nothing against success, beauty and performance.Trying to improve and perform is a good thing.If we were all trying to suck ,where would the world be today? Since Carl Benz invented the motorwagen over 100 years ago ,cars have never stopped getting  better thanks in big part to motor racing. Yes I know all about the down sides of driving in North America.Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death ,and driving our cars and trucks  produces  nearly one-fifth of all carbon emissions. But the invention of the car meant more mobility for humans and more independence which is one of my most important values in life. I don’t live in a big city and I can’t imagine how my life would be without a car. For many of us living in North America a car is a big part of our way of life and while some see cars as a way to go from A to B,some see them as an extension of their identity and style ,even like the clothes they wear. As for me,well I just like driving..and I even  like to do it very fast sometimes! F1 cars are the best in the world built with up to 80 000 components by the best engineers. They are driven by the best athletes,yes athletes! Donovan McNabb who used to quarterback for the Philly Eagles once said that race car  drivers were not athletes,but I could not disagree more.When the drivers sit on the grid waiting for the green light , their heart rates increase up to 185 bpm . During the race the beats per minute will go even higher, sometimes over 200 . The average for a race is 170 bpm and the race lasts an hour and thirty minutes without any breaks. Because of G forces and sometimes extreme track temperatures,drivers lose up to 10 pounds of weight  in a race. This is more than what a hockey player will lose in a typical NHL game. Corners like “Blanchimont” in Belgium”  and “Copse” in England were  once  taken at above 5G’s , that is over  5 times the entire  body weight in  pressure.By way of comparison,the space shuttle produces 3G’s at launch and re entry.


I also quite like the International aspect of formula 1 ,there are 19 races in the championship presented in 19 different countries such as Italy, Australia and Canada. The principality of Monaco also has its race,which I think is an event  anyone should attend at least once in their lifetime. Even if you are not a fan of F1,you will have what I like to call a “kick ass time”. Monaco is one of the most beautiful places in the world.A place of glamour and prestige. The race  is considered to be the most prestigious in motor racing and is held on a narrow course laid out in the streets of Monaco making it very demanding.The drivers simply can’t afford to make any mistakes. Travelling often and not living my life in one place is also among my most important values and F1 gives me a great opportunity to do it.Each race brings a new dimension  from the glamour of Monaco to the warmth and enthusiasm of the Italian tifosi  .”Birra fresca ragazzi?” but of course Signor! F1 also brings old friends together,its  nice to enjoy a good show, have some drinks and catch up. I don’t go out as much as a used to ,but I always try to when F1 time comes.They just throw the most awesome parties out there attracting some of the rich and famous.  I guess It all comes down to your values,likes and  tastes. If  you don’t like what  F1 brings,just look away! I don’t believe it is cause for protest as we have more important issues to deal with in my opinion. For me,the concept of driving a 1500 pound “missile” at 200 miles per hour will always get my attention. The best things attract those who seek  them and a little glam never hurt anyone. Go get your taste and  jet set  a little ,Its fun to dress nice and head out once in a while who knows you could come face to face with the reigning F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton 😉


“If everything seems under control,you’re not going fast enough” -Mario Andretti












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