23 December 2015

My kind of success

My kind of success

40 Propositions for a Better Life

For twenty years, Dany Guillemette has been committed to helping Canadians overcome the hump in attaining financial freedom. In My Kind of Success he not only brings countless guidelines and strategies to create an income stream that can enable anyone to live life on their own terms, but he does so in a simple, direct, and inspiring way through a very human dimension. By killing myths that prevent too many from reaching the ultimate goal of happiness and self-actualization, Dany shows readers how he lived it and what it actually “looks like”.

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About theDany Guillemette
I am a Canadian entrepreneur, author and public speaker with over 20 years of experience in business and investing. I am the founder of Addiction snowboards and Danyland.ca. I love to inspire people by sharing my experiences,wisdom and advice.

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