12 July 2015

How I spent Canada day

How I spent Canada day


Lets be honest Canadian weather sucks! You know you are Canadian when you have to change your plans often because of bad weather. I have tried to explain Canadian weather to some of my friends who live in better climates around the world,but I think our weather  is something you only understand when you have  experienced it. I think Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl came up with the best way to describe what Canadian weather can feel while playing here not long ago.He was getting pounded by strong winds and a mix of rain and hail when he paused in the middle of a song and  spontaneously  exclaimed “Jesus fucking christ!”. The show was cancelled a few moments later ruining an evening my friends and I had look forward to for weeks.

I had planned  to spend Canada day on the Plains of Abraham which is a historic area within the battlefields park in Quebec city.This is where the French lost the war to the British over 250 years ago.This result influenced and determined so much from language and ideas to laws and politics in North America. Today some discomfort and uneasiness can still be felt here about Québec’s place in Canada,but for me the war as been over for quite a while. The beautiful plains have had enough bloodshed and over the years,they have been better known for summer festivals,family picnics and dog walking. But no,I wouldn’t head to the plains on Canada day as it was raining like a pissing cow as the French would say. I figured that I might as well stay home and work,which I usually never do on Canada day. I started by doing some accounting,my June tax instalments had pretty much emptied my bank account ,so I needed to check my budget for the coming  weeks . My girlfriend asked: “Is that really how you are going to spend Canada day?” .I sarcastically told her that high taxes were part of Canadian culture,so it was one of the ways to “celebrate” Canada day. I told her I would drink some Molson Canadian beer while doing my work,to make the experience even more Canadian. I’m sure my girlfriend knew that the bad weather was sending me in a spiral of negativity and cynicism ,so she let me be and started working on a BBQ rib recipe we had agreed on making for a late cookout.But again it was a long shot,the weather kept getting worst.

After a while,2 hours of accounting and 4 Molson’s Canadian to be exact.I left my cynicism and started reflecting on what it meant to be Canadian and how special it actually is. One  thing that came to mind was how I am always very saddened when I learn about shootings and hate crimes happening all over the world. Just before Canada day ,on June 18 to be precise ,one of those indescribable tragedies occurred in Charleston South Carolina where a white gunmen walked into a church and shot and killed 9 innocent African Americans.The weak and worthless scum who commit such horrendous crimes probably   choose schools and sacred places of contemplation because they know they won’t have to deal with much resistance  .  I feel for the victims and their families,but the truth is that we just don’t have this here. I’m not saying that  race related crimes never happened in the history of Canada ,but it is a well known fact that our country is inclusive. We have a multicultural society where no one is handicapped by  colour of skin or beliefs .The Canadian rate of 1.73 homicides per 100,000 population is one of the lowest in the world.Canada is a land of opportunity ,where anyone has a real shot at realizing their dreams and succeed in the pursuit of happiness. Canadians are also humorous ,we are proud but humble and we care about the less fortunate.We let our actions speak louder than our words.We have a passion for fresh air,water  and the great outdoors.Canada recently placed third for the cleanest air on the planet.The province of Ontario alone contains about a third of the world’s freshwater, spread over 250,000 lakes. Our country is peaceful with  beautiful scenery ,a very clean environment and  strong economy.Canadians are small in number ,but large in achievements . We gave the world its first light bulb,no Edison did not invent it he perfected it. We gave the world the telephone,basketball,the discovery of stem cells,insulin,the wonder bra and even Superman. Yes, I know we gave you Justin Bieber as well,but we also gave you some good actors,musicians  and personalities like Bryan Adams,Nelly Furtado,Pam Anderson,Jim Carrey,Michael J. Fox,Elisha Cuthbert,Rush and Neil Young which I’m sure compensate a little 🙂

We might not wave our flags as much as our neighbours from the South,but  we are no less patriotic.Canadians are modest,but we do know we have a very good thing going here and we are grateful for it. As I was leaving my thoughts,it had finally stopped raining.There was still plenty of time to fire up the grill , celebrate and raise a toast to being Canadian.After all being Canadian is a gift .Countless people try to immigrate to Canada for a better life.Most people around the world don’t have what we take for granted everyday,including bad weather!

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